CA Equipment



Isolcell CO2 Scrubbers

Excess carbon dioxide (CO2) inside the cold storage rooms deteriorates the quality of the stored fruit. the scrubbers remove CO2 from the storage rooms’ atmosphere and ensure that the fruit retain optimum quality.

The Isolcell scrubber range represents the latest technology for efficient CO2 scrubbing. The models range from 300 to 800kg per day of CO2 scrubbing capacity. The equipment can be flushed with nitrogen (N2) between cycles, to ensure the integrity of the rooms atmosphere is not compromised.

CO2 Scrubbers

Isolcell N2 Generators

Nitrogen (N2) at 97-99% purity is used to lower the oxygen (O2) concentration in cold storage rooms. Gas At Site offers two technologies to generate on-site N2 gas, namely:

  • Membrane separation
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

Membrane technology is very robust in the lower N2 purity range. However the industry trend is towards the use of PSA technology which is more energy efficient.

Nitrogen Generators

GasWatch Control & Monitoring Software

Over the past 20 years Gas At Site has developed a state of the art CA control system. The web-based system enables the operator to monitor, track and regulate cold storage room atmospheres against appropriate protocols to ensure seamless operation.


HarvestWatch™ DCA-CF

Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere Chlorophyll Fluorescence

Low Oxygen Storage is now at the forefront of fruit storage, and the benefits of storage below around 0,7% O2 are well documented. Gas At Site markets the HarvestWatch™ DCA-CF technology that can accurately, reliably and dynamically pinpoint the fruits Low Oxygen Limit (LOL). This allows operators to confidently store their fruit at 0,2% above this critical level. HarvestWatch™ DCA-CF is non-intrusive with chemical free technology that is suitable for organic produce.


Humidity Control

There is a growing interest in controlling the humidity levels and monitoring the water loss that is associated the the defrost cycle in cod rooms. Gas At Site offers a range of technologies that increase the humidity in the room. At storage temperatures below O°C ultrasonic technology is the most appropriate choice.



Aeroclean is Isolcell’s new ionizer device that uses high voltage electricity to ionize air molecules and sanitize the air and surfaces in the cold store environment. The equipment is effective in reducing harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as odours, moulds and contaminants in particular ethylene. Aeroclean is suitable for RA rooms only.



AiroFresh is a non-chemical, organically certified method of air purification that operates through unique photo catalytic oxidation processes. It is effective at eliminating unwanted volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including ethylene and microbial organisms in CA rooms.



Ozone (O3) is a potent oxidizer and is increasingly used in cold storage to control “rots and spots” on the fruit caused by high humidity environments. Gas At Site offers robust ozone generation technology that can effectively control and limit the growth of unwanted molds and fungi.