N2 Oxygen Reduction Systems

Prevent fires before they start

All traditional fire fighting technologies have the same problem in common. They are being used once the damage has occurred already.

Whatever media is in use, foam, water mist, sprinklers, gas or water they are being activated after a fire has been detected. With the common and known methods fire is being fought only reactively. Often the damage caused by the extinguishing media is worse than the damage caused by the fire itself. Furthermore, there are many applications where the usage of water or gas would be fatal in its consequence. Applications like e.g. Data Centers, Server Rooms, Cold Stores, Paper Mills and many more. Whenever electricity comes into play the usage of water could end in a total disaster. Huge storages like cold store could not be flooded from a gas reservoir for example.

ISOLCELL aims to provide the optimal solution for most of the above-mentioned applications to ensure absolute security by simply making the development of a fire impossible, replacing traditional fire fighting technologies.

“Completely eliminating the fire hazard and safeguarding people, buildings and it’s content is possible with ISOLCELL’s N2 ORS oxygen depletion systems.”

The concept of the fire triangle

The generated and controlled atmosphere makes a fire impossible.

For a fire to ignite three elements are needed: Heat, combustibles and an oxidizing agent, usually oxygen. The concept of the fire triangle.

When these elements are present and in the right mixture a natural fire will occur. A fire can be prevented or extinguished by removing any one of these elements. Once a fire has started, the exothermic chain reaction sustains the fire and allows it to continue until or unless at least one of the elements of the fire is blocked.

The concept of traditional fire fighting methods either deny the burning fire the oxygen it needs or they lower the temperature of the fuel below the ignition point or by creating a barrier of inert gases thus attacking the chemical reaction responsible for the fire.

With the N2 OXYGEN REDUCTION SYSTEM® we actively prevent the combustion process to get started by uninterruptedly reducing the amount of oxygen.




✓ Ignition prevention

✓ Eliminates the risk of fire

✓ Zero false alarms

✓ Constant protection (24/7)

✓ Continuous protection

✓ No manual activation required

✓ No false activation

✓ No damage caused by extinguishing agents

✓ No residue

✓ Adaptable oxygen concentration (according to the material)

✓ Eco-Sustainability

✓ Natural

✓ User-Friendly

✓ Tolerable for people

✓ Complete protection

Other Advantages

✓ Precision

✓ Accuracy of the virtual grid

✓ Greater adaptability in relation to the area to be protected

✓ Safety

✓ Regulated and certified system

✓ Redundancy of the system

✓ Greater safety in oxygen measurement

✓ Fitted with self diagnostic tools

✓ simplicity

✓ Plug-n-Play installation

✓ Easily programmable

✓ System visible by remote

✓ Versatility

✓ also adaptable in areas subject to regulatory constraints

✓ Can be produced for any risk class

✓ Can be integrated into pre-existing systems

✓ Flexibility

✓ Extensive customization options

✓ Minimally invasive in the area to be protected

✓ Silent

✓ Economy

✓ Lower management and maintenance costs

✓ Limited energy consumption