CA Research Facility Recently Upgraded at Stellenbosch University



Hortgro Pome recently invested in a world class CA research facility at the Stellenbosch University, Western Cape, South Africa. 

The state of the art facility places Stellenbosch University at the front line of CA research and seeks solve post-harvest problems in the industry such as superficial scald prevention. 

The facility includes 3 post-harvest storage systems from 3 industry suppliers. Gas At Site has partnered with Isolcell to deliver and install one of the three systems. 

Gas At Site supplied and installed a research station that includes HarvestWatch DCA-CF; a fruit monitoring system that uses chlorophyll fluorescence technology to reliably detect the Low Oxygen Level (LOL) in the fruit. The station also includes capabilities to measure and scrub ethylene as well as measure the Respiration Quotient (RQ).

The current research aims to determine which atmospheric conditions will optimise post-harvest storage and answer questions for the industry such as whether ethylene scrubbing improves long term storage. The three systems are also being evaluated and compared against each other in terms of ease of system control and support. 

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Container Classroom Project for Zenzelini School in Khayelitsha


Zenzeleni School for Creative Education is a waldorf-based school situated in the Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town. The school is more than just a regular primary school, teaching its learners in ways that educate body, mind and soul with lessons such as art, music, group games, theatre and crafts. Zenzeleni aims to teach its children to be confident and creative in finding their way out of an inherited social and economic disadvantage. 

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DCA Storage

DCA Storage

Good Fruit Grower Magazine: “DCA Editorial Article”

An Italian researcher is experimenting with a nonchemical method to prevent scald developing in stored apples, and has tested it successfully in some commercial packing houses.

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