Container Classroom Project for Zenzelini School in Khayelitsha

Zenzeleni School for Creative Education is a waldorf-based school situated in the Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town. The school is more than just a regular primary school, teaching its learners in ways that educate body, mind and soul with lessons such as art, music, group games, theatre and crafts. Zenzeleni aims to teach its children to be confident and creative in finding their way out of an inherited social and economic disadvantage. 

The school has a pressing need for new classrooms and special learning spaces for their children. A creative and safe environment is essential for children to develop their full potential and grow into confident and positive adults. 

Gas At Site invested in a corporate social development initiative and is collaborating with the Centre for Creative Education that runs the Zenzeleni School and Ukubona. The project will provide the school with two additional rooms constructed from modified shipping containers and ancillary structures. 

The project, which began in February 2016, is being completed in phases. To date, one classroom has been constructed. The official opening of the classroom was in September 2017. 

The classroom is used for one on one art therapy lessons for children with special needs, workshops in activities such as collage, origami and recycling, and is made available to all the students as a space to learn aesthetically and freely and serves as a gallery to display their artwork.