Reducing postharvest storage disorders, extending apple storage life with HarvestWatch DCA-CF

Apple storage issues are numerous, from reduction in flavor and crunchy texture to disorders that form during storage such as superficial scald and flesh browning. Scientists have known for a long time that controlling the oxygen level is key. However, knowing exactly what oxygen levels are optimal for each variety was traditionally up to guesswork. Oxygen that is too low may cause fermentation and fruit damage.

The HarvestWatch technology was developed by Dr. Robert Prange in 2000 in order to identify the optimal low oxygen level for fruit storage. This storage technology uses chlorophyll fluorescence (CF) to identify the Low Oxygen Level (LOL) of each variety — the level to store just above to optimize storage without allowing fermentation to start.

In the Fruit Grower News article learn about how HarvestWatch has been implemented by storage operations across the USA in order to optimize long term apple storage.