Carbon Dioxide


On-Site Carbon Dioxide Generation

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is a versatile gas with many applications, typically making use of its reactivity, inertness or coldness. CO₂ can exist in gas, liquid or solid form (“Dry Ice”).

Gas plants produce gaseous or liquid form CO₂. Gaseous CO₂ is liquefied under pressure and refrigeration. If the pressure of liquid CO₂ is suddenly released the liquid changes to sold CO₂ or dry ice “snow” and the remainder will revert to gas. The snow is compressed to form blocks or pellets of dry ice.

Gas At Site CO₂ solutions are high performance generators which can be engineered to operate from diesel, kerosene or natural gas. The generators use a low concentration aqueous menoethanolamine solution to efficiently and safely produce highest quality gaseous CO₂.

Consultation with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. engineers will result in the preferred solution for your specific on-site carbon dioxide supply requirements.