Mining and Metallurgy


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The metals processing and mining sectors consume large quantities of industrial gases particularly Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen.


Oxygen is used extensively for gold leaching, as oxy-fuel for furnaces, for refining operations and for furnace lancing. Oxygen is also used for optimising waste water treatment plants.


Hydrogen is used for welding and cutting of metals. It is used extensively for platinum refining and in the production of nickel. When mixed with Nitrogen, it is used for heat treating applications to remove oxygen, in annealing and furnace brazing, powered metal sintering ect.


Nitrogen is typically used for cooling, stirring and protection from oxidation in applications such as batch annealing, for inerting vessels, equipment and to eliminate formation of explosive mixtures in enclosed spaces. Nitrogen is also typically required in smelting operations as a purging gas.

For safety reasons there is also a growing trend to use nitrogen for inflating earthmoving tyres, particularly in open cast mining operations.


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Gas At Site offers world leading application technologies that provide metal processing customers opportunities to lower NOx emissions, improve product output quality and reduce costs. Safely.

Different processes require different levels of gas purity. Do not be misled by “one spec suits all” approach if this is set at the default high purity level of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen, by nature of its energy intensive manufacturing process, is almost always sold at 99.999% purity regardless.

A compelling benefit of on-site gas generation is that purity levels can be controlled as appropriate thereby improving efficiencies and lowering process costs – in some cases 30% or more.

Consultation with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will result in the preferred solution for your specific on-site gas requirements.