Guardian Ozone Generators


Guardian Ozone Generators


Ozone is highly effective at destroying harmful pathogens as well as reducing ethylene build up in the cold storage environment. An ever increasing number of tree-fruit cold stores are incorporating ozone into their storage and washing operations to improve the storage-life, pack-out, product safety and quality.


Guardian Ozone has 20 years’ experience in manufacturing ozone generation equipment and have established themselves as technology leaders for CA storage Ozone.




Cold Storage:

Fruit cold store operations have found that storing fruit in atmospheres with a low concentration of gaseous ozone can significantly improve fruit quality and sanitation. Gaseous ozone controls pests, supresses ethylene production, controls bacteria and prevents mould sporulation and nesting – all leading to higher fruit pressure and increased packout.

Direct Product Sanitation:

Ozone sanitation is USDA, FDA and Organic Program certified to reduce and control listeria, salmonella, e.coli, and other pathogens.

Environmental Sanitation:

Aqueus ozone wash-down of equipment, belts and floors provides effective sanitation at your facility, improving product quality and safety.


Guardian Ozone Generators

Benefits of Ozone for Post-Harvest Tree Fruit:

✓ Controls moulds and pathogens

✓ Consumes ethylene and slows ripening

✓ Increases fruit pressure & packout

✓ More effective than chlorine or PAA

✓ USDA & FDA approved

✓ National Organic Program Certified

✓ Reduces/Eliminates chemicals

✓ No Risiduals/By-Products

✓ 100% sustainable chemistry

Guardian Ozone Generators


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