HarvestWatch™ Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere Chlorophyll Fluorescence (DCA-CF) is a patented and proven fruit monitoring technology that reliably detects the low oxygen limit in fruit.

For optimal storage results, fruit should be stored just above but as close to the Low Oxygen Limit (LOL) as possible (typically below 0,7% oxygen for apples and pears). Storing at low oxygen levels can provide significant benefits compared to conventional controlled atmosphere. HarvestWatch™ DCA-CF technology is chemical free and allows operators to reliably detect the LOL in fruit and to thus store safely and with confidence at optimal low oxygen levels.

The HarvestWatch™ system directly measures the fruits response to low oxygen conditions by analysing the fluorescence intensity emitted from the chlorophyll in the skin of the fruit. If the oxygen levels in the storage room become too low, the system instantly indicates the fruit stress and allows for corrective measures to be taken.

Benefits of Low Oxygen Storage

✓ Superficial Scald Control

✓ Better firmness

✓ Taste & Colour retention

✓ Extended storage life

Benefits of HarvestWatch™ DCA-CF

✓ Directly and accurately identifies the Low Oxygen Limit (LOL) in fruit

✓ Results are reliable and highly repeatable

✓ Sensors are robust; have no moving parts and require no calibration

✓ Continuous measurements allow truly dynamic atmosphere control

✓ Ideal for organic fruit

✓ Easy to install 

✓ Backed by extensive positive research

Global Research on DCA-CF

HarvestWatch™ DCA-CF is supported by extensive positive research on many cultivars of apples and pears. DCA-CF is used in over 25 research institutions worldwide and there are many peer reviewed publications demonstrating the efficacy of the technology. Research is also being conducted on the potential applications of DCA-CF in storage of avocados, blueberries, kiwi fruit and mangos.


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